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Infectious Diseases and DALYs

Complete etiology target a weak point habits and

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Unformatted text preview: aria (elephantiasis) Scottish physician (1844- 1922) Founder of tropical medicine Investigated filarial in Amoy (Xiamen) China Ho Lin the gardener Nightly presence of worms (couldn’t find them in the morning but found them at night) Parasite is only present when vector may bite the host Mosquito experiments (1901) insights by Manson about vector- time relations discovered Malaria’s relation to mosquitoes Insect transmission idea for malaria Patrick Manson: Interrupting Transmission: Study every aspect of etiology to discover where you can cut off transmission Entomology (study insects) Parasitology Understand complete etiology Target a weak point Habits and habitats of vector Parasites People Method works when there is a linear pathway for disease to infection ! single, transmission etiology (not like environmental diseases where exposures are hard to quantify) Trypanosomiasis: Trypanosome (agent) Tryps or “sleeping sickness” Tsetse fly (vector) ! daytime biter African...
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