Infectious Diseases and DALYs

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Unformatted text preview: volvulus (Agent) Female larger than male Similium damnosum, S. Naevi, others. These are black flies(vectors) Flies breed in fast- flowing water (spray DDT on water surface) But the larvae act differently Why did DDT work only in some places? Damnosum lives on rocks on surface of water Naevi though, lives at joints of crab legs. Crabs hate DDT so chill on rocks outside water until DDT leaves. Onchocerciasis Control 1: Onchocerciasis control program (1974- 2002) Eleven coutnries in W. Africa Based around vector control Dosing major rivers (breeding grounds) Initially prevention only No treatment until late 1980’s, medication that eliminates disease Onchocerciasis Control II: African Program of Onchocerciasis Control (APOC; 1996- present) The remainder of endemic sub- Saharan Africa Too many rivers Rivers covered by trees Control via Mectizan (Merck) to reduce parasite load, symptoms in people but also bounces back at slower rate in people Unfortunately, parasite adult worm lives long (10- 14 years) so you have to take ann...
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