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Unformatted text preview: e Temporary intervention Permanent impact Focuses on agent because you need to attack it narrowly and can’t change the world’s behavior so easily Eradication usually does Not Change any underlying contributing causes Directly affect other diseases Prevent mortality substitution If you do not die from cause X, you are not protected from cause Z Fortification programs, sanitary improvements, etc can provide prevention from all these diseases. Promote social change Side note: Whiteside idea: HIV viral load peaks around 3 weeks but goes back down to 0 at 6 weeks, but then slowly climbs up over years Compliance issue Guinea Worm: Observed by Europeans in Guinea From a book in 1611 by a Swiss guy from Basel Commonly in slaves deracinated from the region in the 17th and 18th centuries Dracunculus medinensis (called Dracunculiasis) Transmission cycle: when guinea worm emerges, get a stick and start wrapping worm around it, don’t break it because it becomes septic then amputation is necessary. Life cycle of guinea worm disease: total is a year and 3 months for entire process Start with water flea (visible to naked eye) with microfalaria in it. Hangs out in water and is consumed by people through water. In digestive system, flea is killed and develops to adulthood in human body. (guinea is mature when it is ready to release micrafalaria to repeat cycle) Guinea worm can emerge from anywhere in the body. Produces burning sensation, causing people to seek water. When they put their foot in water, guinea bursts out of blister and releases microfalaria. Control measures: Teach t...
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