Maternal Health Pregnancy and Childbirth

5 annual decline global annual decrease was only 23

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Unformatted text preview: ternal mortality is because maternal mortality requires a horizontal approach and not vertical Direct biomedical causes: Severe bleeding (25%) ! something to deal with during birth, Infection (15%), Eclampsia (high blood pressure, 13%), obstructed labor, unsafe abortion Intermediate and distal causes: Underfunding Corruption Lack of blood + culture of giving blood Can’t afford operations Transportation to hospital Lack of doctors (due to civil war and reduced salaries) Fear, leaving it too late Lack of knowledge In general, female empowerment Infrastructure lacking Castro’s Three delay model: delay in deciding to get help (lack of knowledge, fear paying, leaving it too late), delay in getting to help (money to get to hospital, transportation), delay in getting treatment when you get there (lack of human resources, infrastructure, lack of supplies/blood) What can we do? Solutions: Access to...
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