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Maternal Health Pregnancy and Childbirth

Neonatal deaths are seen as normal in parts of the

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Unformatted text preview: ing: Public vs. private breastfeeding Male circumcision Could be protective factor against HIV/AIDS ! Uganda, national policy for male circumcision. How does health relate to culture? Culture influences behavior Cultural taboos on foods that can be eaten during pregnancy: this happens in Nigeria. Rituals to avoid evils: burying placenta Culture affects people’s perception of disease and illness. A disease like HIV or diabetes, malaria are influenced by culture. Neonatal deaths are seen as normal in parts of the world. Malaria is like we perceive the flu. Emotional, sexual, body balance, supernatural Culture affects behavior Where to find help for lymphatic filariasis in Dominican Republic. Categorization of health service providers: indigenous healers (shamans, curers, spiritualists, witches, sorcerers, priests, diviners, herbalists), Western Biomedical (Pharmacists, nurse- midwives, Physicians), Other Medical systems (chinese medical system, Ayurvedic practitioners). Maternal Mortality: Measuring Maternal Mortality: Defin...
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