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Tuberculosis and BRAC

50 population is illiterate brac does what governments

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Unformatted text preview: ns with East India Company Pakistan breaks off from india in 1940’s and Bangladesh is East Pakistan. East Pakistan then breaks off in 1971 and names itself Bangladesh Bangladeshis have no trust in government, low trust of public services. 50% population is illiterate BRAC: Does what governments do, but is an NGO Government could not provide any services following independence so BRAC stepped in. ! BRAC has grown more than the country’s health sector and spread to id many more countries now. Tuberculosis: #1 adult death cause 2x more likely to affect males work- related Urban moreso than rural Transmission conditions make it more likely Chest, Lungs Communicable, airborne, contagious Multi- drug resistant (MDR) in some Side note: TB (treated by antibiotics) ! MDR ! XDR (extensively drug- resistant) ! TDR (totally drug- resi...
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