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Tuberculosis and BRAC

What to do next detection sputum samples clinically

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Unformatted text preview: stant) Transmission: Susceptibility: HIV Elderly Malnourished Aerosol: coughing, sneezing and subsequent inhalation Environmental factors: can be calculated as exposure Crowding Prevalence: number of cases = 870/100k (1988- 89), 340k cases annually, 75k deaths INCIDENCE: how many new cases of the disease in a given time period (new cases/time) With TB, it is usually something else that kills the people, so should you attribute death to TB or to the immediate cause. What to do next? Detection: Sputum samples (clinically) Consumption Look at a sign that can be seen quickly, and then come up with extrapolation rate for how many infected. Use Strong Community mentality & cheap labor to your advantage: Makes a culture of volunteerism very likely Initially, BRAC approached the physicians to distribute the drugs, but the Bangladeshi...
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