Health and Gender

Risk to women and children two types of violence

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Unformatted text preview: of other risks: Young pregnancy ! unwanted children, unsafe abortion Higher risk of complications ! 18, women are ready for pregnancy STI’s Increasingly female face of HIV/AIDS Biologically, women are more prone to develop disease Difficult for women to negotiate condom use, sex in general Monogamy not enough to prevent women from contracting HIV/AIDS It is possible to stop transmission of HIV AIDS from women to child; Administer neviroprine pre- and post- childbirth Men more likely to receive treatment for HIV/AIDS than women The Maternity Death Road: By virtue of being child bearer, the women are prone to maternal death: Death of a women while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy About 585,000 maternal deaths each year: Only 4,000 in developed world More than half the pregnancies worldwide end with abortion, more than 70% of yearly maternal deaths are because of this (it could be safer than having tonsils removed, according to her) Global gag rule Gag rule: federal government will pr...
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