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Changes mens attitude about desirability etc stronger

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Unformatted text preview: abor on girls Ensuring equal, gender- neutral quality of education Gender segregation (health topics, cultures where women and men don’t interact) FGM: Violates human integrity Can limit access to education Lifelong side effects and significant sexual impairment Most prevalent in Africa and some Asian countries No health value but many health risks: Pain, shock, hemorrhage, urine retention ! So why is it done? Cultural reasons: Rite of passage into adulthood Ensures marriage and “attractiveness” to men Means to control women’s sexuality Ensure virginity Protect marital fidelity (not for men) Social pressure: Conformity Fear of judgment “hygiene” and aesthetics myths about fertility and promotion about child survival What can be done about FGM? Promote alternative rituals or rites of passage Public advocacy for both men and women ! changes men’s attitude about desirability, etc. Stronger legal implementation of banning practice by law. Fines? Medicalization Child Labor/Trafficking: Trafficked for: Sex Domestic labor Usually duped into this: Girl from Nepal taken to India thinking she’d get a job in the city Children need special safeguards and care: can’t fend for themselves Adolescence: Period of change, ideal period to target for change Onset of sexual activity ! with that comes a whole bunch...
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