Chronic Diseases

Usdin blames mediaadvertisements and tobacco and food

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Unformatted text preview: timated to occur in people under the age of 70 compared with high- income countries (26%) Chronic diseases result from freely adopted risks: Partially true, genetics, environment, cultural expectations, lack of information. Usdin blames media/advertisements and tobacco and food industries. Tobacco industry: Knowingly markets a substance that is unhealthy: Deliberately targeted women and adolescents Now targeting low- income countries Preying on tax advertising restrictions and ignorance about health impact Enhances product to make more addictive. Expanding markets around the world: race to the bottom Diseases caused by smoking: lung cancer, heart disease, impotence/infertility, cervical cancer (women), emphysema Non- health associated impacts: Land scarcity Soil degradation Deforestation and climate change Ground and water pollution from pesticide use. Food Industry: Westernization ! change in diets: Increase in fatty foods, salty foods, and sugary foods: Causes hypertension heart disease clotting ar...
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