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3 billion budget of who but europeans spend 50

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Unformatted text preview: profits 10/90 gap: 10% of world’s income is spent on conditions that affect 90% of the world population. Privatization encouraged by agreements like GATS and TRIPS Brain drain: both locally (urbanization) and internationally User- fees Russia – second world to third world: Double burden of disease Food industry AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa: South Africa’s underperformance AIDS was killing workers and low- income consumers, so the rich got richer. AIDS reduced productivity. Indirect responsibility, unintended consequences Who’s WHO and what’s WHA?: World Health Organization and World Health Assembly: $3.3 billion budget of WHO, but Europeans spend $50 billion per year on cigarettes… World Bank’s influences: Direct: uses part of significant resources to finance Health, nutrition and population department and promotes market- oriented health sector reform Indirect: research, influence on professionals source of technical advice IMF’s inf...
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