From Development to Health

Shift from public to private funding source justifying

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Unformatted text preview: luences: Direct: imposes conditions as last- resort financier in debt crises, sets policies discouraging public health expenditures Indirect: influence on private investors and foreign aid. Amongst others: The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria established in 2001 with high hopes Setbacks: not enough funding and lacks stability Governments discouraged from asking for what they need “vertical” programming: criticism that this fund is only created to do these things, which avoids the necessary need to focus on a broad range of outcomes Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Very high- tech and very costly… remember: there is a lot to be done in the 0- 5000 range Pharma companies invest in drugs that make a profit, so these guys are offering the profit to develop these drugs and diffuse them to populations that are in need but lack the market. Shift from public to private funding source Justifying health spending framework: Investing in Health: Reverses the conventional relationship between health and economic development. Rather than seeing economic development as a means toward better...
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