Chronic Diseases Continued

Poor information and treatment step 2 identify and

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Unformatted text preview: to poverty reduction instead of the myths it’s associated with like old age, wealth, etc. Step 1: reframing the debate: Victims of injustice: Call attention to bad behavior of food/tobacco industries Call attention to the social determinants of chronic disease over which individuals do not have choice Highlight disparity and exposure to risks Highlight health perils of foreign investment and export- oriented growth models Weak health system ! poor information and treatment Step 2: identify and create political opportunities: Health as an investment: More than 36 million lives could be saved at the cost of less than 500 million dollars but producing savings of over 60 billion dollars Lost productivity Tax payers end up funding care and treatment, often expensive and long- term Step 3: mobilize resources: Link to MDGs: Proverty reduction ! reversal of loss of productivity Child mortality Maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis ! chronic makes you more vulnerable to these Link to climate control: Deforestation and environmental shifts are making it harder to deal with chronic diseases Link health protection into fair trade movements Encourage healthier domestic production Increase surveillance One of the biggest successes was the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC): First multilateral legislation on tobacco control “transnationals require transnational regulation” WHO’s first international Treaty 2005 most widely embraced international treaty in UN history 40 countries legally bound to undertake tobacco control measures What was done: Increased taxes Labels Designated smoking areas Marketing has been limited Public protection measures Price increases Victory is in the precedent For global regulation of an industry For widespread global cooperation on a health issue Fo...
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