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Exam 1 Review Session

Higher gdp efficiency for national governments better

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Unformatted text preview: Maggie black: hardware – buildings and equipment software – literacy programs health education, training, advocacy. What is the difference between incidence and prevalence: Incidence is a measure of new cases of disease measure in # cases/population/period of time. Prevalence is a measure of total cases of disease at a particular point in time measured in # cases/population 3 different frameworks we discussed which are used to justify health interventions: health as an investment: create healthier population ! higher GDP, efficiency ! for national governments better health means healthier and more productive citizens health security: disease may eventually travel to your country so beware ! for US government communities with poor health foster hospitable environment for insurgency and terrorism; health threats do not observe borders. health equity – everyone has the right to good health regardless of the social, economic, political, demographic or geographic differences ! for WHO and other NGOs double burden of disease challenges epidemiological transition: not ne...
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