Health Systems

Fellow colleagues were educated nyu angioplasty

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Unformatted text preview: nancial protection Individuals Employers Unions State Private manufacturing: Seatbelts Policymakers Require seatbelts Labeling of food Teachers Research There are a lot of places where we can tweak something or alter something to alter health systems Article: Miele: Fastest response ! fellow colleagues were educated NYU Angioplasty Fewest patients, less waiting time Upper- middle class Architect, 4 days a week Wife was huge influence in health ! changed diet and exercise routine, managed HC Younger by a lot Happy!! Family history Wilson: Fast ! wife Brooklyn No angioplasty; drug treatment Moderate patients Transferred to WCMC: Angioplasty Middle class ConEd – 5 days a week Neighborhood as influence Between marriages Fiancée – similar habits Not in walking neighbo...
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