Modernization Theory

urbanization education industrialization

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Unformatted text preview: follow this route, it will take you about 100 years to get there Cultural: Phase I: Start off being traditional, subject to authoritarian Phase II: People now want to be heard Phase III: Participatory political culture, they demand to be able to participate If you’re getting taxed, you want participation Almond and Verba: the civic culture Political culture: the culture that underlies and supports different political systems Three basic types of cultures: Parocihial: no awareness of the political system Subject: awareness of the policies of the political system Participant: awareness and Desire to participate in suggesting nad implementing policies Parochial/traditional subject/authoritarian participant/democratic Civic culture: a political culture of civility, acceptance of political authority, tolerance of plurality, widespread political competence, trust in government/other citizens Political institutions: Democracy supposed to go along with economic take Tied to industrialization and modernization Whatâ€...
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