Modernization Theory

Modernization theorists say dont go to communism

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Unformatted text preview: alists) cultural change: wealth is good Take- off: new economic organization, new society, science- based industrial revolution (20 years) Science- based, applied technology phase This take off is industrial revolution where manufacturing is important part of economy. Happens in Great Britain first (first half of first world is to be industrialized) France 1860 US, 1860 Turkey 1937 India and China 1950 Use of science and technology is more and expected to be used a lot Technological Maturity: Britain 1850 France 1910 US 1900 The drive to maturity: modern technology fully applied to a country’s resources, skilled workforce (40 years) That’s where everything works Age of Mass Consumption: all these manufactured goods are spread out everywhere, expect to have a car, refrigerator, stove, electronics. Modernization theorists say don’t go to communism,...
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