Modernization Theory

The islamic empires the chinese empires etc they dont

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Unformatted text preview: is Communism, Communist Manifesto Appeal of this to third world countries Capitalism will bring down class conflict Modernization theorists say the third world countries don’t need to do this, they can do it in conjunction with us. Modernization theory has three strands: Economic: Rostow’s stages of economic growth Came up as response to Marx as a way for third world countries to become industrialized without class conflict, and Western colonial exploitation 5 stages: traditional society: everywhere in 1500, everyone is third world ! the Islamic empires, the chinese empires, etc. they don’t envision the economy as a way to transform their communities, you need entrepreneurs with new vision society starts to change: preconditions for take- off: renaissance (big change in the understanding of the natural world), reformation, capitalist mode of Production, education, economic progress, applied science in Economic organization, entrepreneurs, manufacturing need to be interested in profits (early capit...
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