World System Theory

Industrialization and urbanization changes the people

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Unformatted text preview: becomes something else. Europe became EU, transcendant Hurdle to Catholic countries modernizing that way. Islam is more resistant to democracy as well Catholicism is less linked to democracy than Protestantism Why was racism more prominent in Black Africa back in the day? Social Darwinism, whole construct of humanity Socioeconomic modernization can happen anywhere in the world as long as capitalist development and industrialization happen, it is unstoppable. Industrialization and urbanization changes the people and the societies Basic Critiques of Modernization Theory: History: the history of different countries not fitting the last 500 years World history: First world countries getting ahead and colonizing Latin America, then Africa Does modernization fit across those 500 years? If not what doesn’t fit? We’re here and you’re there what you did to come to this point and what I did, our conditions change. To break out of agrarian societies was different Started manufacturing, and capitalism Follow path, textiles (so many making it now) Difference between developers, late developers, and late late developers ! conditions for industrialization change over time Alternatives to modernization theory: Historical experiences in the Periphery International conditions: first developers/industrializers, Late developers/Industrializers, late late developers/industrializers International Perspective: development and underdevelopment opposite sides of same coin Your development and my underdevelopment went in tandem As Britain got rich from its colonies, the colonies became poorer Power exploitation,...
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