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World System Theory

Is there any positives for capitalism in third world

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Unformatted text preview: italists accumulating money and investing to start this new thing for the world (industries, manufacturing). Increased wealth by pulling people off the lands and become laborers for their textile factories. They are only paying the laborers just enough to survive, eat, have a place to sleep, and have kids that will be the next generation of laborers. Profits all going to ruling class World system theories: emerged from Marxist ideology Focus on the rise and spread of capitalism Imperialism (Lenin) saved European countries from Communist revolution Colonialism (more or less a synonym to Lenin of imperialism) prevented this You don’t have to keep exploiting workers who are organizing and fighting the system. You can give them higher wages but exploit the third world countries for the barely livable wages New industrialized capitalist countries want to be a part of that process (Italy and Germany want same results as british...
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