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World System Theory

Started by ruling class dominating experience of

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Unformatted text preview: conflict between first world and third world countries You ignore power, capitalist, industrialized core have much greater power than peripheral countries (more political power, more economic influence) Modernization theorists don’t want to take this into account because it means exploitation, etc. At the root of modernization theory is CLASSICAL MARXISM: Main tenets related to first world vs. third world: The ruling class (capitalists, bourgeoisie) own all the means of production, all the factories They provide this place for others to work Capitalism gives them a greater share of the profit. Political system changing with capitalism, from monarchy to democracy: He thinks it isn’t real democracy. Thinks this new democracy under capitalism is a system that’s based on the interests of the ruling class This new ruling class UTILIZED THE STATE TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS. Started by ruling class dominating experience of everyone in new capitalist country. Interests in education system, values, art, etc. Gets the masses to accept their exploitation (false consciousness) Role of power in social relationships Society shaped by mode of production (technology- machine technology/factories) Social relations fo production: rules covering who controls and benefits from production Social class based on role in system of production: capitalist class, working class, peasant class, serf class, slaves Ruling class/capitalists controls means of production Ruling class/capitalists use their wealth to shape the superstructure: political system, education, policies, cultural beliefs, values, understanding of class interests The state and the capitalist class Marx is writing during a time of feudalism, with us working and tilling the ground for the monarchy at the center. Marx watches capitalism come in and take over from feudalism and sees the cap...
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