Colonialism in Asia

Number of years colonized latin america 300 years

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Unformatted text preview: 19th century, Europe becomes powerful enough to threaten China marked end of tributary system in China because they were able to impose this kind of trade on China, we’ll give you opium for your tea and silk ! Opium wars. Advantages to trade This led to their interest in the Middle East (to minimize sailing past cape of good hope to get there) Colonial Legacies Evaluated: Settler or extractive? Africans extracted Ncorporative assimilation with native population? Number of years colonized? Latin America 300 years Slavery? Extensive slave trading? Colonial Genocide (disease or otherwise)? Missionary Activities? Nation- state: Unipolar, bipolar, multipolar: low moderate, high cultural cleavages? State administration changes? Black Africa and Middle East Where do they draw the borders? Include people who are en...
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