Overview of hydrologic cycle

vapor pressure increases as temperature increases

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Unformatted text preview: evaporation but increases when precipitation is greater AE and PE are different Precipitation = Evaporation +Runoff + delta S (soil moisture storage) Evaporation (in gm) = K/L x (e/z) Phase change liquid to vapor Energy requires use of energy to overcome intermolecular attractions of H2O molescules takes 600 cal/gm (latent heat); loss of energyin source K: diffusion coefficient Evaporation in an open surface will be lost but it’s a cycle for (from high humidity to low humidity will allow for more evaporation to occur) Relative humidity: Difference between atmospheric pressure (due to temperature) and water vapor pressure Dew point how much water in the air Winter is gonna be dry wherever you are in the world., vapor pressure increases as temperature increases Underlying principle of rainfall...
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