Overview of hydrologic cycle

California has highest water balance is precipitation

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Unformatted text preview: vast increases in runoff Driven by heat and surface area of water, direct solar radiation Runoff: bad ! when it is increased means its not going in infiltration so there is no diverse multiniched ecosystem or productive agriculture system. Changes based on human usage Groundwater: aquifers Precipitation patterns: Most water from 10 S to 10 N latitude and least is from 10S to 40 S and 10 N to 40 N As much precipitation as evaporation to have water surplus. California has highest Water balance is precipitation – evaporation Looks like a graph Thronthwaite water balance/budget is based on heat Mm of moisture is Y axis, PE is potential evapotranspiration Use remote sensing platforms to calculate potential evapotranspiration Green is precipitation, low in winter, high in summer Soil moisture (feeds plants and crops), declines when precipitation is less than...
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