Overview of hydrologic cycle

Typical asphalt it is very important percolaton takes

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Unformatted text preview: Storage basin that has drinking water under ground Water balance is used in hydrology: Memory device to remember hydrologic cycle and water balance: PIPETRG: Precipitation Infiltration: areas that have good land uses infiltrate more (forests vs. typical asphalt) ! it is very important Percolaton: takes water from soil, through unsaturated zones, and into phreatic zone. Purifies the water dramatically and naturally. Evapotranspiration Evaporation and transpiration: Transpiration: comes out of little holes on the other sides of leaves (stomata) through which water flows out of the leaves. Driven by capillarity Evaporation supplies the absolute most amount but only because there is 71% of earth is water. Transpiration is much faster than just evaporation ! if you cut down forests, there will be...
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