Acetone-Water Extraction-Distillation


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Unformatted text preview: alid Phases. Since we are not changing the temperature or pressure throughout the process, we know that the streams will be liquids at the specified conditions. Notice that the Simulation Status has changed to ‘Required Input Complete.’ 12. Run the simulation by pressing in the Data Browser window. 13. After the simulation is complete, click on the Results Summary folder of the Data Browser to be sure that the data converged. 14. Open the Streams option of the Results Summary folder. Select “All Streams” from the Display drop‐down menu, and use the “CHEM_E” Format option. Then, click Stream Table to add the stream table to the worksheet. Note that, when changing the format, size, etc., the stream table will only update itself when you reinitialize and re‐run the simulation. 15. Click Tools on the top menu bar, and select Options from the drop‐down menu. Click on the Results View tab. Select the Temperature and Pressure options, click Apply and OK. 16. Your Process Flowsheet up to this point should look like Figure 2 below. 17. Save your work. Page 2 of 10 Figure 2. Mixer flowsheet with stream table and temperature/pressure stream labels. PART II. Flash Separation 1. Since you will be making major adjustments to your process, it might be beneficial to reinitialize the simulation to reset the system. Click Run from the top menu bar and choose Reinitialize. Click OK for the two windows that pop up to make sure that you want to reinitialize (the current results get erased). 2. Select the Separators tab in the Equipment Model Library, and add the Flash3 separator to the Process Flowsheet. (Notice that the Status bar provides information for each piece of equipment.) 3. Add the three product material streams leaving the separator: a top product, a middle product, and a bottom product. Rename the flash separator “FLASH”. Rename the product streams “TOP”, “MIDDLE”, and “BOTTOM”, respectively. 4. Right click on the PRODUCT stream leaving the MIXER....
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