Acetone-Water Extraction-Distillation


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Unformatted text preview: Select Reconnect Destination from the options and attach the stream to the inlet of the flash separator. 5. Your Process Flowsheet should now resemble Figure 3 below. Figure 3. Process Flowsheet including mixer, streams table and flash separator. Page 3 of 10 6. Notice that the Simulation Status should now read “Required Input Incomplete”. 7. Open the Data Browser window. Under the Properties folder, click Specifications, and change the Base method from “IDEAL” to “SRK”. (The Soave‐ Redlich‐Kwong equation of state is necessary to accurately calculate the thermodynamic properties of the VLL equilibrium associated with the flash separator.) The Property method option should automatically change to “SRK”. 8. Click on the Blocks folder of the Data Browser. Open the Input tab for the FLASH block. Specify the temperature and pressure of the flash separator to be equal to those in the feed streams (75 °F and 50 psi). Notice that the Simulation Status changes to “Required Input Complete”. 9. Run your simulation. 10. Check the text dialog in the Control Panel window to check the run status and to check for convergence. Notice that a system warning is displayed. 11. Change to the STEAMNBS Free‐water method, as recommended. You will need to click on the Properties folder in the Data Browser to do so. 12. Reinitialize and Run your simulation. 13. Save your work. PART III. Property Method Analysis 1. In the last section, you selected the SRK equation of state method for your simulation. However, Aspen PlusTM offers many different property methods, and it is important to realize the influence that the property method has on the simulation results. In fact, the selection of the appropriate method may be the most crucial step of a successful simulation. (More information of the available property methods and their applications can be found in the Help Topics under Help on the menu bar.) 2. To illustrate, let’s see how different property methods will influence our simulation results....
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