Acetone-Water Extraction-Distillation


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Unformatted text preview: e made! It distillation, but uses systems; in particular, the Edminster method can be used to simulate single feed, two product absorption, stripping, to calculate product distillation processes can extractive distillation, and composition. It also be simulated using azeotropic distillation for assumes constant constant molar overflow solids, liquids, and gases. molar overflow and and constant relative RadFrac is suitable for two‐ constant relative volatility assumptions. volatilities. Basically, The calculations for the phase, three‐phase and this method can be minimum number of systems exhibiting strong used when everything liquid phase nonideality. stages, minimum reflux ration, and the RadFrac can model in the column is requirements for a specified and you need columns in which chemical specified number of reactions are occurring. to verify the product stages or reflux ratio are RadFrac keeps track of the results. behavior of all the species performed using in all the stages. Gilliland’s, Winn’s, and Underwood’s methods, respectively. A. DSTWU 1. The EPA has forced your company to change your water product to 95% pure. Change the PURITY specification to calculate a purity of at least 95%. (change the upper bound to 400). Reinitialized and run. 2. Add another mixer to combine the two acetone/MIBK product streams from the two separators. 3. Save your work. Page 7 of 10 4. Select a DSTWU column from the Columns tab of the Equipment Model Library, and add it to the Process Flowsheet. Connect the combined acetone/MIBK stream from the new mixer to the column Feed, and two new product streams from the column, as required (a red arrow signifies a required attachment). Also, add a third product stream off of the condenser, which will be used to remove any residual water from the product (blue arrow). 5. Select the Blocks folder in the Data Browser window. Update the following information for the new mixer: the Valid phases to Liquid‐only. 6. Open the Input option under the Distillation section o...
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