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The atmosphere contains co2 which is drawn down by

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Unformatted text preview: E, BIOSPHERE, and LITHOSPHERE. The atmosphere contains CO2 which is drawn down by microscopic plants that live in the ocean, which is part of the hydrosphere. The microscopic plants are members of the biosphere and their tests will eventually become part of the lithosphere in the form of chert (siliceous organisms) or limestone (calcareous organisms). The Greenland ice sheet and the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are part of the cryosphere and due to plate tectonics, the limestone and chert may one day be buried under the ice. 4. Contrast weather and climate. Weather is current conditions (short term, day to day) Climate is weather over some period of time (long term trends, 10-15 years or even 100,000-200,000 years) 5. What is a feedback in the climate system? Define feedback, and provide an example. A feedback is a phenomenon that amplifies or diminishes a force that acts to change climate. An example of a feedback is the Younger Drays, Venus (both positive). 6. What are examples of inertia and a tipping p...
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