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What do the red blocks blue circles and green circles

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Unformatted text preview: otivation for choosing the topic and research approach you did. 4 GEO305 Global Warming Spring 2012 15. a) In the following full-page figure (last page of exam) from the IPCC Summary, go to the far north-west of the figure, to Alaska. What do the red blocks, blue circles, and green circles indicate about observed change there? The red boxes indicate that average surface temperature there has changed at least 2 degrees C in the last 40 years. Blue circles indicate significant changes in physical systems, green circles indicate significant change in a biological system. b) State your role in the upcoming Earth Summit, and examine your geographic region on the same figure. What information does the figure hold with respect to your area of interest? (this answer depends on the region you represented in the earth summit and what info pertains to you) c) Now look at the row of quadrant symbols (as at right) that are just below the horizontal center line of the figure. For which geographic areas are >75% of significant observed changes...
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