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E which geographic areas do you anticipate will be

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Unformatted text preview: consistent with warming? - All areas d) For which geographic areas are >95% of significant observed changes (physical or biological) consistent with warming? - Latin america, africa, australia/new zealand, asia, polar regions (biological). e) Which geographic areas do you anticipate will be adamant about global action to combat global warming? - Probably Africa with 100 percent significance. Latin america and asia too. Polar regions, though sparsely populated, could be most affected. f) Do you think these voices should be listened to? Why or why not? - Yes, these are the places being impacted the most, and deserve the most say in the matter of climate change. Many of these areas are developing or third world countries, and they will need international support. 5 GEO305 Global Warming Spring 2012 6 GEO305 Global Warming Spring 2012 7...
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