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Lecture 2 Intro to atoms

When the electrons are excited they go to a higher

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Unformatted text preview: ergy of ejected electron KE=hν – w w= work funcAon of metal (energy binding electron to surface) Wave par)cle duality of light Max Planck Nobel 1918 Atomic emission spectra Why do we observe different colours from the experiment? When the electrons are excited, they go to a higher energy (excited) state. When the electrons repopulate the ground state, photons are released. wikipedia.org Each atom has a unique, discrete atomic spectrum Rydberg EquaAon 1 λ =R ( − ) 1 H n2 1 1 2 n2 n1 and n2 are posiAve integers , where n1 <n2 Rydberg constant, RH, is an empirical constant=109,678 cm- 1 emieed light is quanAzed Energy Difference ΔE = hc/λ λ = c /ν h = Planck’s constan...
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