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Lecture 2 Intro to atoms

A bead on a wire e mv2 b standing wave on a wire 2ln

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Unformatted text preview: = b/hc (theoreAcal) 1 λ =R ( − ) 1 H n2 1 1 2 n2 1 λ Balmer *for the hydrogen atom or one electron ions only = b hc ( Bohr 1 n l2 − 1 2 nh ) Paradoxes in classical physics: collapse of the atom Wave- parAcle duality of electrons • Bohr’s model was not able to predict the spectra of atoms with more than one electron • Bohr’s model cannot address the paradox of the collapsing atom Dr. Quantum video Feynman lecture series: hep://vega.org.uk/ De Broglie’s equaAon (1924) links the electron’s parAcle and wave properAes λ = h/mv m = mass v = velocity of parAcle h = Planck’s constant How...
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