Lecture 6 Lewis structures

341030 c m steps to drawing lewis structures draw the

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Unformatted text preview: ctron charge] Electronega>vity difference and percent ionic character Dipole Moment •  µ=q×r –  q= charge in coulombs, C –  r= distance separa>ng charges, m –  1 D (debye unit) is defined as 3.34×1030 C m Steps to Drawing Lewis Structures Draw the Lewis structure for H2CO3 Draw the Lewis structure for IF4- anion Excep>ons to Octet Rule H and He B usually has only 6 surrounding electrons Be bonds with just 4 surrounding electrons Elements in the 3rd period and higher contain “d” orbitals, so may accommodate more than 8. This is not the most likely situa>on, but can occur – “expanded octet” •  Odd- electron molecules (e.g. NO) •  •  •  •  Formal Charges FC = number of valence electrons on parent atom - number of lone pair electrons - 1/2 number of shared electrons •  A good structure should have : –  sm...
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