Probability (5)

52 52 52 52 dependent events two events whose

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Unformatted text preview: ce card AND drawing a diamond) 16 13 4 25 = + ! = 52 52 52 52 Dependent Events – two events whose probabilities are affected by the other event Independent Events – two events whose probabilities are not affected by the other event rolling a 3 on the second toss of tossing two heads on two drawing a diamond from a deck a single die after first rolling a 3 coins after tossing two after drawing, then replacing tails on two coins a diamond Multiplication Rule – P(E and F) = P(E) × P(F) if E and F are independent events 11 1 != 6 2 12 Probability of drawing an ace from a deck of cards and then drawing another ace without replacing the 43 12 1 first card is != = 52 51 2652 221 Probability of throwing a 5 on a die and tossing ahead on a coin is Conditional Probability – the probability of an event given another event has occurred ( P(F | E) ). probability of throwing a sum probability of throwing at probability of a 5 card hand with all of 9 after the first die is a 2 least one tail after the first diamonds after the first four cards flip is a tail are diamonds … P(...
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