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LitHum Aeneidtopics - Some topics to think about(almost any...

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Some topics to think about (almost any of these may become essay questions for your first essay, but clear it with me first) Book summaries : Book 1 : Consider sequencing in this book, who appears and when? When is the narrative on the divine level, when does it occur within the human realm? When do these interact? Book 2 as Iliadic: How does this book justify Aeneas' fleeing his falling city? What priorities/hierarchies does it set in the values of this epic (male/female; passion/piety; past/future)? It is a competitive book in so far as it allows one to see the characters of Homer in a different light, and provides a full narrative of what is only treated cursorily by the Phaeacian bard, Demodocus at the end of Odyssey 8. Find some examples of this. Book 3 as Odyssean: when and how are the highlights of Odysseus' journey used or mentioned in Aeneas' travels? What contrast to the Odyssey's narrative is given by the different telos of Aeneas? Consider just how many prophecies, omens, portents about the founding of a new city appears in this book. Why is this the book in which Anchises dies? A Parallel Issue Aeneas' relationship to Venus: in Book 1 she appears to him in disguise, as Athena does to Odysseus in Book 13 of the Odyssey . What are the differences in how these scenes play out? How does Aeneas react? [A side issue what are the reasons why Venus sends Cupid to arouse Dido? Is it necessary? What do her actions precipitate?]
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LitHum Aeneidtopics - Some topics to think about(almost any...

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