Chem 140B Final Exam Coverage Winter 2010

Reactions and mechanisms from exam 1 and 2 will find

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Unformatted text preview: this…). Review the reactions (both synthesis of and reactions of) alcohols (Chapters 8 and 9), as we now have been making them via carbonyl addition reactions. Reactions and mechanisms from exam 1 and 2 will find their way into this exam. Know approximate pKa values and how to use them. Review your homework; take note of reactions that you have used over and over again, as they are undoubtedly more useful than others. Take some time and classify reactions as either electrophilic or nucleophilic (use the first step of the reaction as your classifying point of reference). Try to then correlate them to mechanisms using the same guidelines. OTHER COMMENTS: This exam will also have reactions as a major emphasis on it, as well as one or two “make that from this” kind of questions, where YOU provide the reagents and products expected after each reaction you propose in your conversion....
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