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Review Sec - Rebecca Kumar May 9 2007 U.S Congress Govt 318...

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Rebecca Kumar May 9, 2007 U.S. Congress Govt. 318 I.D. Probably will have to do 8 from a list. Keep them short, best are about 5 sentences. Remember to emphasize the importance to Congress. I.D.s ARE NOT CUMMULATIVE, FOCUS ON THE 2 nd HALF OF CLASS!!! If there are four essays to choose from, two will probably be broad, while the other two will be more specific to the 2 nd part of the semester. You will probably have to pick one of each. 2 Essays, one will be pretty general, the other will be more specific. Will not need to remember specific authors/cite things…but the best essays make reference to the essays. Will get papers back when take exams. 2 pm on the 17 th , in Rockefeller. Try to get 10-15 minutes early. It’s 2 hours long. If you have extended time testing, make sure to bring the form and give it to a T.A. Your section grades will get factored in, won’t get a specific grade for it. The final is 60% of your grade. Questions asked by Kids: What is Pay-As-you-Go? Pay as you go: congress takes it upon itself not to fund a program without finding supplemental funding OR cutting another programs budget. Any program has to be budget neutral. It is a general rule, and its not always met. It’s a general rule that Cognress always tries to abide by, but its hard to tell whether or not it is being met. Budget glosserey on page 432 is a good list of terms that Tom says to pay attention
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Review Sec - Rebecca Kumar May 9 2007 U.S Congress Govt 318...

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