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14 the modest oxidadon that occurs in glycolysis

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Unformatted text preview: induced fit conformaDonal change in hexokinase occurs when A ADP is released. B ATP binds. C glucose ­6 ­phosphate is released. D glucose binds. E the allosteric site is saturated. D The binding of glucose to hexokinase induces a large conformaDonal change that excludes water from the acDve site and brings glucose and the γ phosphate of ATP in close proximity. (The reverse of the induced fit conformaDonal change occurs when glucose ­6 ­phosphate is released.) 14 The modest oxidaDon that occurs in glycolysis involves the removal of _____ electrons, total, from glucose to pyruvate. A one B two C three D four E five D One pair of electrons is removed from glyceraldehyde ­3 ­phosphate to form NADH and 1,3 ­bisphosphoglycerate (step 6). This reacDon occurs twice for each glucose. Hence, 2*2 = 4 electrons total/ glucose. 15 The glycolyDc pathway is the sole source of ATP A during long distance running. B for a fetus in utero. C in bacteria. D in human red blood cells. E under aerobic condiDons. D The human RBC has no organelles and relies on glycolysis for its ATP. Most common bacteria can live under aerobic and anaerobic condiDons. 16 The electrons removed from glucose via NADH formaDon are used to A form 3 ­phosphoglycerate....
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