glycolysis Xinxin

If atp is high less carbon is sent through the

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Unformatted text preview: B form ethanol in the liver. C maintain the Y potenDals below  ­50 mV. D make ATP in mitochondria under anaerobic condiDons. E reduce pyruvate to lactate, regeneraDng NAD+ E RegeneraDon of NAD+ is essenDal for anaerobic glycolysis. Ethanol is produced by yeast, not in the human liver. NADH is used to make ATP in mitochondria under aerobic condiDons. 17 Phosphofructokinase, the major flux ­controlling enzyme of glycolysis is allosterically inhibited by ___ and acDvated by ___. A AMP Pi B ADP AMP C citrate ATP D ATP PEP E ATP ADP E The ATP/ADP control can be viewed as a special case of feedback inhibiDon of a pathway: ATP is the important product of glycolysis. If [ATP] is high, less carbon is sent through the pathway by inhibiDng PFK; the converse is true of ADP. 18 What reacDon does Phosphoglycerate Mutase catalyze? A mutase catalyzes the transfer of a funcDonal group from one posiDon to another on a molecule. This is an important step in the preparaDon of the synthesis of the next high energy compound. 19 Mixing pure O2 into a yeast culture growing on grape juice will cause the yeast to mulDply faster and to metabolize the sugars much more rapidly. The effect on t...
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