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thermodynamics recitation 509&514

Glucose 6phosphate fructose 6phosphate a at

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Unformatted text preview: citrate 2.Consider the following reac3on catalyzed by phosphoglucoismerase at 37 ⁰C. Glucose 6 ­phosphate Fructose 6 ­phosphate (a) At equilibrium, the ra3o of fructose 6 ­phosphate/glucose 6 ­phosphate = 0.41. Calculate K’eq and ΔG ⁰’. K’eq = 0.41 ΔG ⁰’=  ­8.3145J/molK(310K)ln(0.41) = 2.30 kJ/mol (b) Would the reac3on proceed as wriVen under standard condi3ons? No it would go in the reverse direc3on. (c) The physiological concentra3on of glucose 6 ­phoshate is 2.0 mM and the physiological concentra3on of fructose 6 ­phosphate is 0.5 mM. Calculate ΔG. ΔG = 2.3 kJ/mol + 8.3145J/molK(310K)ln(0.5mM/2.0mM) =  ­1.3kJ/mol (d) Would the reac3on proceed as wriV...
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