thermodynamics recitation 509&514

Phosphocrea3ne adp crea3ne atp g net 431

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Unformatted text preview: en under physiological condi3ons? yes 3.Given the following standard free energy changes at T = 37 ⁰C : Phosphocrea3ne + H2O Crea3ne + Pi ΔG ⁰’ =  ­43.1kJ/mol ADP + Pi ATP + H2O ΔG ⁰’ = 30.5 kJ/mol (a) What is the ΔGo’ for the following reac3on? Phosphocrea3ne + ADP Crea3ne + ATP ΔG ⁰’NET =  ­43.1 kJ/mol + 30.5 kJ/mol =  ­12.6 kJ/ mol (b) In res3ng muscle 3ssue, the concentra3ons of metabolites are: [ATP] = 4 mM [ADP] = 0.013 mM [Crea3ne] = 13 mM [Phosphocrea3ne] = 25 mM Calculate ΔG for the reac3on shown above in res3ng muscle at 37 ⁰C. ȹ ȹ [Creatine] × [ ATP] ΔG = ΔG o '+ RT lnȹ ȹ [Phosphocreatine]× [ ADP] ȹ ȹ...
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