Mock Exam 5

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Unformatted text preview: , 2014 T F A 6. Overexpression of Chordin in the frog zygote would lead to formation of an ectopic secondary axis in the tadpole. T F A 7. Adding Nodal protein to explanted animal caps would induce ectopic expression of brachyury. T F A 8. Only secreted, diffusible proteins act non cell- autonomously. T F A 9. Injection of frog zygotes with Chordin mRNA and Dsh RNAi would lead to a normal tadpole. T F A 10. In the frog blastula, phosphoSmad1 would be detected in the nucleus near the blastopore. T F A PART 3. DRAWING & LABELING Label and/or draw, as indicated for each question. 1. Draw an epithelium undergoing EMT, taking care to label each cellular morphology that is present. 2/7/14 4 Biol 1...
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