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A skin b muscle c blood d bone e all of the above

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Unformatted text preview: /14 1 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 4. Which of the following are ectoderm- derived tissues? a) brain b) nerves c) bones d) liver e) a, b, and c f) a and b g) c and d 5. The marginal zone of the frog blastula will contribute to which of the following organs? a) skin b) muscle c) blood d) bone e) all of the above f) b and d g) b, c, and d 6. Which of the following tissues are specified by low levels of BMP signaling and low levels of Nodal signaling in the frog blastula? a) Nervous system b) Notochord c) Blood d) Muscle e) Kidney f) a and b g) d and e 7. Which of the following tools or techniques are used to create a cDNA library? a) in situ b) molecular cloning c) mRNA injection d) reverse genetics e) all of the above f) b, c, and d g) b and c 8. Which of the following are transcription factors? a) Smad4 b) BMP 2/7/14 2 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 c) d) e) f) g) Nodal VegT All of the above a, b, and c...
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