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Unformatted text preview: e following are involved in specifying forelimb versus hindlimb identity? a) Tbx4 b) Shh c) Fgf10 d) Smad1 e) Beta- Catenin f) a and b g) a and d 8. Which of the following are sufficient to induce limb bud outgrowth? 3/14/14 2 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 a) Shh b) Fgf10 c) Tbx factors d) all of the above e) none of the above f) a and b g) b and c PART 2. TRUE/FALSE/AMBIGUOUS Are the following statements true, false or ambiguous (meaning the information provided is not sufficient to draw a conclusion)? Choose one answer for each question. 1. The periderm contains cells derived from both mesoderm and ectoderm. T F A 2. During epidermal stratification, the plane of cell cleavage is parallel to the plane...
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