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A bmp b lef c e cadherin d wnt e dkk f a c

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Unformatted text preview: ular bud d) hair e) a, b, and c f) a and b 3/14/14 1 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 g) a and c 4. Which of the following genes are expressed in the interfollicular epidermis? a) BMP b) LEF c) E- cadherin d) Wnt e) Dkk f) a, c, and e g) a and c 5. Which of the following manipulations would probably produce a super- furry mouse? a) Epidermis- specific deletion of Dkk b) Epidermis- specific deletion of Noggin c) Epidermis- specific overexpression of Dkk d) Epidermis- specific overexpression of Noggin e) a and d f) b and c g) a and b 6. Which of the following germ layers or germ layer derivatives contribute to the muscles of the mature limb? a) endoderm b) paraxial mesoderm c) somitic mesoderm d) ectoderm e) lateral plate mesoderm f) c and d g) d and e 7. Which of th...
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