Elegans embryo at the 2 cell stage draw this and

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Unformatted text preview: n of P- granules at each stage (2 drawings). Be sure to label each drawing as well as the relevant structures in each. 2. You have discovered a nuclear pore complex component that is essential for P- granule localization in the C. elegans embryo at the 16- cell stage. Draw the localization of P- granules in a single germ cell from a wild type 16- cell embryo and in an embryo following RNAi to knock down the nuclear pore complex component (2 drawings). 1/31/14 3 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 3. You have created a primary antibody to a new protein that you are interested in studying. You perform immunofluorescence using your primary antibody and a fluorescently- labeled secondary...
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