Draw a cross section of the chicken embryo before and

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Unformatted text preview: e dorsal region of the neural tube would disrupt neural tube patterning. T F A 7. Signaling molecules can travel between cells to regulate cell fate during development. T F A 8. During somitogenesis, upregulation of E- cadherin causes mesenchymal cells to epithelialize. T F A 9. During somitogenesis, N- cadherin is upregulated in an anterior to posterior direction. T F A 10. E- cadherin RNAi would cause an MET. T F A PART 3. DRAWING & LABELING Label and/or draw, as indicated for each question. 1. The Cre/Lox system can be used to induce expression of GFP in Flk2- expressing cells of the hematopoetic system. Draw the GFP expression cassette before and after Cre expression....
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