In which of the following model organisms could a

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Unformatted text preview: might be misregulated in patients with spina bifida? a) Sonic hedgehog b) N- cadherin c) Delta d) Mesp e) Nodal f) b and c g) b, c, and d 8. Which of the following should be present in a dorsal to ventral gradient in the neural tube? a) Lunatic fringe 2/21/14 2 Biol 120 – Development Winter, 2014 b) c) d) e) f) BMP mRNA phospho- Smad1 phospho- Smad2 c and d b, c, and d 9. In which of the following model organisms could a knock- in approach be used to generate a GFP- fusion protein to evaluate protein expression pattern? a) frog b) fly c) chicken d) mouse e) a and c f) c and d g) a, b, and d 10. Which of the following tissues are epithelial? a) Ingressing mesoderm in the chicken gastrula b) Dermamyotome c) Neural plate d) Neural tube...
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