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Unformatted text preview: defined for you in main.c. le_n ● Build the project. It should build without any compilation or linking errors. ● Execute the project. The test harness will run. Read the console output carefully. The output shows when s e p i is about to be called, the values that are being passed as arguments, le_n the result we expect the function to return, the actual value returned by the function, and a summary of how many tests passed and failed. ● The harness will report several errors while it tests the functions you'll complete for Exercises 1 through 7, which is what we'd expect: you haven't started working on these functions. Exercise 1 We have a loud talking parrot. Write a function named p r o _ r u l that has two parameters: arttobe _olpro_rul(Bo tlig ithu) Bo arttobe_ol akn, n or; Parameter t l i g s t u if the parrot is talking, and parameter h u is the current hour in the a k n i r e or range 0..23. We are in trouble if the parrot is talking and the hour is before 7 or after 20. The function should return t u if we are in trouble; otherwise it should return f l e re as. Exercise 2 Write a function named m x 0 0 hat has two parameters: a 1 2 t itmx00ita itb; n a12(n , n ) Parameters a nd b re positive integers values. The function should return the larger value that is in the a a range 10..20 inclusive, or return 0 if neither value is in that range. Exercise 3 Write a function named i t m x hat has three parameters: n _ a t itmxita itb itc; n_a(n , n , n ) Parameters a b nd c re integers values. The function should return the largest of the three values. , a a Exercise 4 The squirrels in Palo Alto spend most of the day playing. In particular, they play if the temperature is 3 between 60 and 90 (inclusive). But, if it is summer, the upper limit is 100 instead of 90. Write a function named s u r e _ l y hat has two parameters: q i r l p a t _olsure_lyittm,_o...
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